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Welcome to Wadinga and thank you for joining me!

Today is August 5, 2013, and I have decided to enter the world of blogging. I will freely admit that I have no idea what I’m doing, I have never blogged before, and I barely even participate on Facebook. But I am determined to create a successful Blog. In defining successful, I would say a blog that has a loyal readership and actually earns money.

What is Wadinga about? Well, it is about all of the things in this world that I am really passionate about.
• Sushi- I am obsessed
• Music and Songwriting
• Working Smart
• Family & Life in general
• Blog progress as I learn

I have set a goal for myself. I want this blog to be able to earn $1000 a month in one year from now. This goal, coming from no experience whatsoever, no research of any kind, and no real knowledge of the blogging world. It is just a goal I have set in my mind. Call me crazy but I believe the Internet is wide-open to do with whatever I want! You will never achieve anything without setting a goal and trying your best!

How do I plan to do this? I plan to talk about the things that I am passionate about. I intend to talk about my heroes, my favorite things, my Successes and failures, my Love of music, my obsession with sushi, my favorite TV shows, my little three-year-old daughter and my 20 year marriage and my dreams in general.

I also want to document, from beginning to end, every detail of the process of creating this blog and the things that I learn along the way. I will become a social media nut even though I’ve never even commented on anyone’s post before. I’m going to tweet and Facebook and Google plus and Pinterest and offer my opinion wherever I can… even though no one is asking for it. I will share with you everything that I learn along the way.

Today I have zero followers and no credible way of making this happen. I can only go up from here. This quite frankly is what I find fascinating about blogging, there are no rules, there is no guidebook, (well there probably are) there are no limitations. It’s all up to me myself and I.

W A D i N G A What does it mean? Nothing, I just made it up!

So what do I bring to the blogging table?

For one thing I am a successful business owner already. I’ve been in business for about 15 years selling products to the building Industry on a wholesale level. Last year I did about $2 million in sales. I have done it all on my own, I don’t have rich parents! I have only (barely) a high school education. I haven’t decided yet how much of that I want to get into on my blog, so for now I’m going to keep that part of my life kind of anonymous. I’m not sure if I want my customers knowing all about my personal life and my opinions about everything. One thing I’ve learned about being in business is that there are two topics that you never discus with a customer. Politics and religion! You can easily lose a customer if you say the wrong thing about what THEY believe. One thing I WILL talk about however is some of the many businesses that I have started that have failed. I know that talking about my success as a business owner would be good material for blogging, but I feel like there are thousands of blogs on that topic already. So for now I will discuss HOW to become more successful by working smart. (That means working hard as well…I know, I just lost most of you lazy types!)

One thing I will say about my business is that I have had no help from anyone. I don’t have rich parents, I don’t have any inheritances, I literally started with zero and today I earn a comfortable living. (Sounds like where this blog is right now.) I wouldn’t say that I am overly wealthy I would say that I am comfortable. I live modestly but one thing I love to splurge on is Sushi. Sushi is expensive and I spend WAY TOO MUCH on it! But I can afford it and it makes me happy which brings me to my next topic.

Sushi- I have never been to Japan But it is on my list of things to do. I live in Los Angeles where we have some of the finest sushi restaurants anywhere in the world. I’m talking about authentic Japanese sushi NOT Americanized sushi that you find at the mall. I will go into great depth about sushi in the months to come. If you are passionate about sushi like I am, then I hope you will contribute to my discussions.

Music- I have been a musician since I was a little kid. I write, sing, and play. I actually always wanted to be a professional musician to make a living ,but it never really happened. I have always felt that I am good enough but I spent all my time working, trying to make money instead of pursuing my music. But I love it and I will share my songs here.

E-books- I am working on a few I will have those available on my blog and it is a part of my overall plan. The first one is about working smarter and making more money at your CURRENT job.

So that’s an overview of my plan…WISH ME LUCK, and thanks for reading.


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