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So Lets Talk Sushi

There is a secret club of Sushi connoisseurs (you know who you are) who are on a never ending quest for the greatest slice of fish on the planet. This slice is simple, yet complex. The texture is firm, but not too chewy. The chef has dressed it with subtle yet explosive flavors that are sometimes barely visible…sometimes bold and in your face.

This club does not welcome members who believe that saucy Americanized rolls with seven different kinds of fish are really worth eating. The club does however welcome newcomers who finally see the Sushi light. There are no regular meetings except the chance meeting of a fellow connoisseur at some “off the beaten path” sushi bar like Go’s mart or 4 on 6.
Kevin does a great layout of Go’s Mart here: Kevin Eats Go’s Mart

So what is the type of sushi that I am talking about? It starts with PERFECT rice. I know it seems simple, and it is. The rice is very, very important. If you really want to understand about Sushi, you need to watch the documentary film; Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

Sushi is the greatest food on this planet. It is light and healthy, it tastes fantastic, its all natural, there is simply nothing like it. Some may call me a sushi snob but I don’t really feel like I am a sushi snob. I just love authentic Japanese sushi.

This is real Sushi: 

gos tai

This is not real sushi.

typical roll

I will be discussing, in depth, why the above roll is really not sushi in the coming months…but the main reason is- Whenever you mix different kinds of fish together, then cover them with sauce, then dip it into a bath of wasabi saturated soy sauce…you can no longer taste the fish.  That is a shame!

The only problem is that the way I like sushi it is very, very, very expensive. I think it is worth the money I spend, and I never have regrets. A typical sushi meal for me costs about $100 per person.

I started eating sushi about 20 years ago and just like everyone else I started with Americanized rolls and jalapeno poppers and spicy scallop dynamite and the like. I loved it was great. One day I took a client out to sushi dinner and he started ordering some of the exotic stuff that I’ve never tried before. Giant clam, Octopus, and Sea Urchin. As well as ordering the most simple, but perfect little pillows of rice with a simple slice of fish on top, Nigiri. I was hooked from that day on.

The difference can be subtle, but once you really are able to understand and taste the difference, you will never go back to eating sushi the way you do now. In this blog I am going to pick apart all of the finer nuances of what is REAL sushi. It does not include a bowl full of Soy Sauce filled with wasabi. It does not include Rainbow rolls, it is all about the best possible slice of fish.  If you stay with me…you will learn!

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