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The story of the Little Zinnia that wouldn’t give up.

It was 3 or 4 months ago when my little Wadinga and I decided to plant a flower garden. We went off to the Home Depot to buy a bunch of small six packs of flowers.


It was a great spring day and I love nothing more than enjoying a stress free day with my little 3 year old. My wife enjoys the break as well on Saturday when I take Bayla out and keep her busy.

We returned home and started planting, 3 year olds love to dig in the dirt.

Everything was looking fantastic, but there was this one little Zinnia left in one of the six packs and it looked like it had no life left in it at all. It was brown and wilted and flopped over and had only one small green leaf. I had pretty much decided that it was going in the trash. My daughter, however was not done digging and she wanted to plant it. We did, but we didn’t give it much hope.

A few days went by and this little plant started perking up. It wasn’t flopping over so badly anymore. After a few weeks it actually looked like it was going to survive and it started developing a flower bud. Bayla and I watched everyday and made sure it had enough water and soon enough it was thriving.

Take a look at this beauty now


It just goes to show how the weak can soon be strong, and just because you may look like trash today, tomorrow may bring thriving new life. Never give up, and you too can blossom like my little Zinnia.

By the way, here is one of the good looking ones when they were first planted. Which would you rather be?



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