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What’s up with my blog?

Blog progress what I’ve learned after one week.


First of all I am quickly learning that blogging takes a hell of a lot of time! It certainly is not going to be quite as easy as I thought.  I am also learning that I am going to need to invest in a real theme/layout, as opposed to using the free ones available to me on WordPress.  If I really want my blog to look good and have people take me seriously, I need to invest some money.  So far I have only invested time, with the exception of buying the domain and web host.   I really like the layout of  I know this is a mommy web site, but I am a very hands-on Dad of a little 3 year old girl and I just love Tsh Oxenreider.


My first major screw-up and lesson learned:

Well, as I have stated before, I have no experience blogging or working with wordpress whatsoever, so I am learning as I go.  After spending about a week getting my blog to look exactly the way I wanted, building all the social media buttons, testing posts, etc, etc…I decided that I wanted my blog domain to be instead of  So I changed it within the wordpress admin page.  AFTER I changed it, I get this window popping saying “are you sure you want to make this change it will affect the way your blog looks it will be blah blah blah”-  AFTER I CHANGED IT!


Well, it destroyed all of my weeks work.  The site was basically gone.  So of course, like any self-taught idiot, I went running to my head coach and mentor- Google.  I spent the next two days trying to figure out how to get it back.  That led me into advanced user modes of phpmyadmin, where I was changing actual data files.   Things proceeded to get worse and worse with each change I made.   I was in way over my head.  What was I going to do now?  I thought about calling my computer tech guy at my regular business, or a computer savvy friend, but I was determined to do this on my own.


Finally it occurred to me… I don’t know what I’m doing I’d better bail.  It also occurred to me, after wasting 2 days, that I should just start over.  I deactivated the whole account, got rid of everything and started over from scratch.  It was actually the best idea I could have come up with because now I kind of knew what I was doing (with a weeks’ worth of wordpress experience.)  I had the site up and running within a few hours, looking even better than before.    Luckily I had no real content yet because I was still just learning how to use WordPress and trying to set things up. I had no posts yet.  If I had any real content, I would’ve lost all of it.  Lesson learned.


I also learned a lot about social media plug-ins and widgets and how to use them.  Obviously, I am by no means an expert and it’s all trial and error at this point.  But, after trying many different plug-ins, I have come to Jetpack for WordPress.  So far, for me it seems to be the easiest and most comprehensive for a newbie like me.


Now all I have to do is to get somebody to read my blog!!!



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